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Digital Curated Collection Expanded

July 15, 2016

The Wolf-Gordon Curated Collection has expanded to include more than 30 different digital designs and photographic images by artists a wide range of colors and materials.

The Curated Collection offers specially designed imagery for wallcoverings by a select group of artists. The latest featured design, Slice, made in collaboration with karlssonwilker inc., is an outgrowth from an interactive installation at NeoCon® 2015 that captured images of visitors and processed them into vibrant abstract patterns displayed on a 30-foot-long field of 15,000 LED lights. Slice is a body-generated pattern that expresses the unique beauty of digital imagery.

Other new additions include three new patterns by artist Carla Weisberg. Weisberg’s nature-inspired prints combine drawings and photography—cut up and reconfigured to create a new take on traditional designs such as stripes and crosshatches.

OBO Design Brooklyn also contributed four new designs captures the textures of the city and transforms them into elegant visions and patterning.

Whether developing a concept, modifying an existing design, or translating a material, WG Customs Lab’s team of skilled designers from the fields of art, illustration, graphics, photography, and interior design oversee each project from concept to production.