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London Chic Collection Expands With Five New Patterns

October 21, 2019

Five new patterns have been added to our classic London Chic collection. Three additions - Granary Square, Walthamstow, and Westminster - emulate complex woven and hand-painted textures. In addition, rotogravure versions of Echo and Nouveau join from the SO GOOD collection by Me and General Design.

The patterns were developed in response to material-driven trends in interior design, creating artisanal-looking wallcoverings.

Walthamstow reflects the art form of comb marbling. Originally achieved by "raking" paints into swirled patterns, the handcrafted technique has been translated to the rotogravure process with a stunning verticality. Neutral tones with colorful hints stand alongside lustrous Mylar streaks, integrated into three of the colorways.

Granary Square juxtaposes the look of a chunky woven fabric, vertically-oriented as in a basketweave pattern, with metallic striations and textural embossing. Both light and dark hues and several gray shades make up the colorways.

Westminster, in its elegant simplicity, acts as a foil to the other detailed additions to London Chic. A simple painterly texture is regal in its restraint, featuring a host of neutral and dark colorways to match.

Echo, by Me and General Design, has elongated diamond shapes formed from parallel lines that appear to shift back and forth, giving walls a kinetic energy. It is offered in soft shades of gray and deep blue.

Nouveau, by Me and General Design, repeats a simple diamond shape in a mirrored sequence for an ever-changing design. Standard matte off white, sand, and dark gray grounds are an elegant base for the decorative linework.