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London Chic Collection Expands With Five New Patterns

October 21, 2019

Five new pat­terns have been added to our clas­sic Lon­don Chic col­lec­tion. Three addi­tions — Gra­nary Square, Waltham­stow, and West­min­ster — emu­late com­plex woven and hand-paint­ed tex­tures. In addi­tion, rotogravure ver­sions of Echo and Nou­veau join from the SO GOOD col­lec­tion by Me and Gen­er­al Design.

The pat­terns were devel­oped in response to mate­r­i­al-dri­ven trends in inte­ri­or design, cre­at­ing arti­sanal-look­ing wallcoverings.

Waltham­stow reflects the art form of comb mar­bling. Orig­i­nal­ly achieved by rak­ing” paints into swirled pat­terns, the hand­craft­ed tech­nique has been trans­lat­ed to the rotogravure process with a stun­ning ver­ti­cal­i­ty. Neu­tral tones with col­or­ful hints stand along­side lus­trous Mylar streaks, inte­grat­ed into three of the colorways.

Gra­nary Square jux­ta­pos­es the look of a chunky woven fab­ric, ver­ti­cal­ly-ori­ent­ed as in a bas­ketweave pat­tern, with metal­lic stri­a­tions and tex­tur­al emboss­ing. Both light and dark hues and sev­er­al gray shades make up the colorways.

West­min­ster, in its ele­gant sim­plic­i­ty, acts as a foil to the oth­er detailed addi­tions to Lon­don Chic. A sim­ple painter­ly tex­ture is regal in its restraint, fea­tur­ing a host of neu­tral and dark col­or­ways to match.

Echo, by Me and Gen­er­al Design, has elon­gat­ed dia­mond shapes formed from par­al­lel lines that appear to shift back and forth, giv­ing walls a kinet­ic ener­gy. It is offered in soft shades of gray and deep blue.

Nou­veau, by Me and Gen­er­al Design, repeats a sim­ple dia­mond shape in a mir­rored sequence for an ever-chang­ing design. Stan­dard mat­te off white, sand, and dark gray grounds are an ele­gant base for the dec­o­ra­tive linework.