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11 New Product Launches for Work-Life Balance

September 6, 2021

RAM­PART Resolve makes an appear­ance in Metrop­o­liss 11 New Prod­uct Launch­es for Work-Life Bal­ance. RAM­PART Resolve provides:

  • Impact Resis­tance — per­formed as well as rigid sheet goods when test­ed for Sur­face Abra­sion, Sur­face Inden­ta­tion, and Hard Body Impact;
  • Stain- and Abra­sion-Resis­tance — Sur­coat™ top­coat resists stain­ing from ball­point pen, cray­on, lip­stick, cof­fee, ketchup, red wine, veg­etable oil, and Beta­dine®;
  • Clean­abil­i­ty with com­mer­cial clean­ing and dis­in­fect­ing agents — in addi­tion to easy clean-up with soap and water, no dam­ag­ing effects result­ed when RAM­PART Resolve was cleaned with prod­ucts con­tain­ing ammo­nia, dilut­ed bleach, per­ox­ide, qua­ter­nary com­pounds, or many of the dis­in­fect­ing agents used against COVID-19;
  • Flex­i­bil­i­ty — eas­i­er to store, han­dle, and install than rigid pan­els, and less cost­ly to ship;
  • Easy Instal­la­tion — ver­ti­cal trim and mold­ings aren’t necessary;
  • Per­fo­rat­ing and Rail­road­ingRAM­PART Resolve can be per­fo­rat­ed for use in humid con­di­tions, and designs can be rail­road­ed for wide expans­es, with­out seaming.
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