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11 New Product Launches for Work-Life Balance

September 6, 2021

RAMPART Resolve makes an appearance in Metropolis's 11 New Product Launches for Work-Life Balance. RAMPART Resolve provides:

  • Impact Resistance - performed as well as rigid sheet goods when tested for Surface Abrasion, Surface Indentation, and Hard Body Impact;
  • Stain- and Abrasion-Resistance - Surcoat™ topcoat resists staining from ballpoint pen, crayon, lipstick, coffee, ketchup, red wine, vegetable oil, and Betadine®;
  • Cleanability with commercial cleaning and disinfecting agents - in addition to easy clean-up with soap and water, no damaging effects resulted when RAMPART Resolve was cleaned with products containing ammonia, diluted bleach, peroxide, quaternary compounds, or many of the disinfecting agents used against COVID-19;
  • Flexibility - easier to store, handle, and install than rigid panels, and less costly to ship;
  • Easy Installation - vertical trim and moldings aren’t necessary;
  • Perforating and RailroadingRAMPART Resolve can be perforated for use in humid conditions, and designs can be railroaded for wide expanses, without seaming.
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