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Ways of Seeing: Bradley Bowers

June 13, 2022

Mar­ket Col­lec­tion: Neo­con
Inte­ri­or Design

Bradley L Bow­ers works in many medi­ums, from paper twist­ed and scrunched into lanterns lo clay turned into del­i­cate ves­sels. He’s also a dab hard at dig­i­tal media and sur­face design. To wit, his new line for Wolf-Gor­don, Chro­ma­lis: a heady explo­ration of visu­al depth and move­ment. The series was influ­enced by Bow­er­s’s var­ied inter­ests — art, gar­den­ing, ther­mo­dy­nam­ics. Among the choic­es is Bore­alis, the col­lec­tion’s sole Type II vinyl wall­cov­er­ing, its glowy gra­di­ents inspired by change (the only constant). 

Bow­ers pro­grammed com­put­er algo­rithms to gen­er­ate inter­sect­ing line work for Phan­tom, a Supreen woven poly­ester uphol­stery inspired by moiré. Graf­fi­to, in the same fiber ref­er­ences dual art tra­di­tions: spray-paint­ed street art and Impres­sion­ist pointil­lism. Each mes­mer­iz­ing offer­ing comes in four rich colorways.

I like to chal­lenge the need for uni­for­mi­ty with­in pat­tern­ing. while still under­stand­ing the impor­tance of bal­anc­ing a design” — Bradley Bowers
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