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Lookbook: Performance Upholstery


Hybrid Textiles

Woven fabrics fused with a moisture barrier

Biophilic Design

Bringing nature indoors

Modular Seating

Upholstery patterns and colors designed for flexibility

Coated Upholstery

High-performing polyurethane, vinyl and silicone

Designer Collaborations

Award-wining designs by Mae Engelgeer and Aliki van der Kruijs

Natural Cork

Sustainable and impermeable upholstery

Performance Upholstery

Evolv­ing envi­ron­ments dic­tate that you spec­i­fy prod­ucts which pri­or­i­tize space, health and pro­duc­tiv­i­ty. Explore Wolf-Gordon’s high-per­form­ing, dynam­ic uphol­stery tex­tiles designed with flex­i­bil­i­ty in mind.

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Textiles for Today’s Spaces

Built-in Protection

Sustainable Crypton® fabrics offer stain, moisture, and bacteria resistance for even the most demanding seating applications.

Hybrid Textiles

Innovative Tekloom® technology combines the look of a woven fabric with extreme durability, graffiti resistance and a moisture barrier on its surface!

Biophilic Designs

Nature-inspired patterns are well suited for the built environment as they promote connectivity.

Modular Seating

Mix and match these simple patterns, textures, and colors, designed for comfort, and made for modular seating.

Coated Upholstery

Our durable polyurethane, vinyl and silicone constructions are stain and abrasion resistant and bleach cleanable, making them perfect for high-traffic areas.

Designer Collaborations

Our design studio partners with rising talents from different disciplines to create distinctive, award-winning upholstery patterns exclusively for Wolf-Gordon.

Natural Cork

Soft, sustainable and impermeable natural cork, composed in unique arrangements and dyed in a selection of saturated colorways.