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Lookbook: The Muse Collection by V Starr



Polyester/Polyester Blend
4 Colorways


Polyester/Polyester Blend
7 Colorways


Polyester/Polyester Blend
9 Colorways

Celebrating Women’s Grace and Strength

The Muse Collection by V Starr

V Starr News Article

The Muse Collection by V Starr is the first product collaboration by the South Florida design firm founded by tennis champion Venus Williams. The collection's three award-winning patterns, Elena, Ora and Frida, juxtapose beauty, classically associated with femininity, to fierce underlying qualities of perseverance, strength, and commitment. Pronouns “her”, “we”, or “us”, are integrated into each colorway name in a nod to unity among women worldwide.

2021 07 15 WG 22

About the Collection

Elena - Inspired by movement and dance, Elena is the figurative feature of The Muse Collection. This upholstery textile celebrates the female form in an upbeat pattern of communal interconnectedness in four colorways. Horizontal and vertical nylon stitches appear throughout the durable, recycled polyester fabric, imparting a quilted quality

- References to DNA, the flow of water and energy, and graceful female movement are defining attributes of Ora. The pattern is named after strong female influences in Venus's life: her mother, Oracene, and her grandmother, Oralee. The horizontal bands in each of the seven colorways are woven with recycled polyester yarns dyed in graduated shades. This high-performing upholstery textile is finished with a fluorine free stain-resistant treatment and can be cleaned and disinfected with bleach or quaternary compounds.

- Paying homage to Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo, is the small-scale pattern, Frida. This striking upholstery textile is composed of “brushstrokes” of black and white twisted yarns. Frida reads as a dimensional texture that embodies motion on a solid ground. Nine colorways include muted jewel tones and neutral shades. The pattern was tested to 100,000 double-rubs and is finished with a fluorine free stain-resistant treatment

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