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VEER by Aliki van der Kruijs

VEER by Aliki van der Kruijs is Wolf-Gordon’s latest collaboration with an emerging designer of impressive conceptual strength and independent voice. For the design of VEER upholstery textiles, van der Kruijs explored two- and three-dimensional space through a deceptively simple grid motif, the origins of which began with the designer’s purchase of an antique kimono textile in Arita, Japan.

The patterns, Float, Turn, and Slide, each feature reinterpretations of the kimono grid with various distortions and imperfections that add to each design’s beauty. The highly usable color palette, consisting of blues, reds, browns, olives, golds, and gentle neutrals, was derived from 600+ van der Kruijs photos of weathered architectural elements, which she shot while cycling around Arita.

She explains, “The weather has a big influence on wood, steel, and concrete. I observed that the colors of these materials become softer due to the heavy sunlight and other elements, but at the same time the material became harsher, more eroded, and sharper.”

Aliki van der Kruijs was drawn to the simplicity and two-sided grid pattern of a kimono fabric she found in Arita, Japan.

Wrapping a porcelain vase with the grid pattern revealed overlaps and “breaks” in the grid.

The grid applied to a porcelain stone quarried during her ceramics residency in Arita was used for inspiration.

Yarn samples were provided by the mill WG Design Studio chose to weave the collection of textiles.

Photos of weathered architectural materials van der Kruijs shot while cycling in Arita informed her color selection.

Skeins of yarns that matched the hues seen in select photographs were chosen to be used throughout the line.

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Aliki van der Kruijs

Dutch artist Aliki van der Kruijs works on her own research projects, as well as collaborative and commission-based creations, in her studio in The Hague, Netherlands. She holds a Master of Applied Arts degree from the Sandberg Institute of Amsterdam and juxtaposes her background in graphic and fashion design with an exploration of how different materials, from ceramics to textiles, can be a means of communication. Van der Kruijs is also an accomplished photographer, and uses the medium for research, documentation and inspiration in her design process. She teaches in the Netherlands at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and the Academy of Architecture.

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