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RAMPART Stronghold

August 2, 2021

For projects that require RAMPART wall protection to be installed on a substrate other than new drywall, RAMPART Stronghold is the solution. This easy to install wall liner provides a smooth, durable surface that can be applied over ceramic tiles, concrete blocks, laminates, plywood paneling, and other surfaces to hides cracks, joints, pores, patches, and other surface irregularities.  

Once a waterbased adhesive is applied to RAMPART Stronghold Wall Liner, the water hardens the uncrystallized gypsum in place, forming a hard plaster veneer that bonds it to the wall. No priming of the existing substrate is necessary prior to applying the wall liner, and the installation is dustless and non-toxic. Mounting RAMPART wall protection to this strong foundation creates a perfect scenario for protecting walls from impact and abrasion.

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