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Sirona wins Planet Positive Award

October 18, 2022

We're happy to announce that our upholstery Sirona has won the 2022 Metropolis Planet Positive award for textiles. The Planet Positive Awards recognizes the most creative projects and products from around the world that benefit people and planet, as well as firms and professionals leading the way to a better built environment. Judged by four expert juries, the winners represent the highest achievements today in design that addresses climate change, ecosystem health, human health, and equity.

Sirona with Protect+ is a groundbreaking upholstery construction with an inherent antimicrobial solution built into the product’s DNA, inhibiting the growth of microbes in or on the textile. With silver and copper salts embedded, Sirona’s antimicrobial properties do not wear off, wash away or weaken over time. Unlike topical antimicrobial treatments, Sirona’s copper and silver salts do not damage human health and the water ecosystem.

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