Wood Veneer Wallcovering FAQ's

Have questions about our wood veneer wallcoverings? Following are answers to what we are asked about most frequently. You can also download these FAQs.

General Product Information

What are the differences between the three types of wood wallcoverings Wolf-Gordon offers?
WOOD VENEERS are constructed from slices of selected natural wood logs, which feature the natural wood characteristics from each tree species. In addition to the selection of wood species shown on our website, there are a large number of other species available upon request. Standard sheet sizes are: 2' x 8', 2' x 9', and 2' x 10'. Taller sizes of 2' x 11' and 2' x 12' are available on certain species.

WONDERWOOD® is real reconstituted wood (aka, engineered wood). Made using rotary-peeled wood sheets sourced from fast-growing trees, WonderWood veneers provide a very uniform appearance from sheet to sheet, making them ideal for large jobs where consistency is desired. Standard sheet sizes are: 2' x 8' and 2' x 10'.

BILDENWOOD™ is real reconstructed wood, composed of components sliced from beams of lumber of premium wood species. BildenWood veneers have plank or linear patterning with a predictable, repeatable arrangement from sheet to sheet, making them ideal for large jobs where consistency is desired. Standard sheets are: 2' x 8' and 2' x 10'.

What finishes are available for the wood wallcoverings?
Our wood wallcoverings can be ordered prefinished with either a Flat finish (approx. 5 sheen) or Matte finish (approx. 15 sheen). The finishes are HAPS-free clear lacquers that contain a UV inhibitor.

What surfaces can the wood wallcoverings be applied to?
Our prefinished wood veneer wallcoverings can only be applied to drywall surfaces. (Alternate backings for other substrates are available for an additional cost.)
Post-formed laminate-backed wood veneer sheets can be used for doors skins, elevators, millwork, and furniture applications on plywood, MDF, or particleboard. Post-formed laminate is not recommended for application to drywall, plaster, concrete, or cement.
Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA)-backed wood veneer sheets can be used for millwork, furniture, and fixture applications on metal or glass. PSA is not recommended for application to drywall, plaster, concrete, or cement.

Can the prefinished wood wallcoverings be wrapped around an outside or inside corner?
We do not recommend that any wood veneer be wrapped around a 90-degree corner. Instead, the seams should be butted together, whether at an inside or outside corner. For outside corners, some type of corner guard chould be considered.

Can the wood wallcoverings be wrapped around columns?
Columns can be wrapped depending on the wood species/grain and column circumference. Please contact your account executive for further information.

Is it possible to railroad the wood wallcovering?
Yes. The wall width would need to be provided to determine whether end-matching is required.

What if the project has walls taller than 10–12 feet?
For walls that require multiple sheets to reach from floor to ceiling, there are two options: (1) end matching, to create vertical consistency; (2) butt matching with an architectural break (e.g., reveal system, molding) to visually separate sheets.

Can specialty designs be created with these wood veneers?
Patterns such as random plank, chevron, and planked matching can be created. This may require purchasing a 2' square or 2' x 8' sheet custom sample. Please contact your account executive for further information.

Wood Sourcing and Manufacturing

Is the wood used for the veneer wallcoverings FSC Certified for LEED credits?
FSC Certified wood can be supplied for most species of our Wood Veneers. Please make sure to specify FSC certification when requesting a sample and when ordering. Note: Certified woods may have a higher price due to market demand.

Is WonderWood available with FSC certification?
WonderWood can be specified as “FSC Controlled Wood,” meaning the wood is sourced from forests that have been determined to be at low risk for illegal harvesting and unacceptable logging practices. Note: All of the wood used for WonderWood is sourced exclusively from sustainable tree farms, providing a green alternative when FSC is not an option.

Where does the wood for Wolf-Gordon’s veneer wallcoverings come from?
All of the wood used for our wood wallcoverings comes from managed forests where sustainability practices preserve the natural ecosystem.

Where are the wood wallcoverings produced?
Unlike many competiting wood wallcovering products, Wolf-Gordon's wood wallcoverings are manufactured in the United States.

Price Quoting

What information is needed in order to obtain a price quote for a wood wallcovering project?
In regard to our Wood Veneers, you must provide the approximate total square footage and wall height(s) for a project because pricing is based on identifying a specific log, and each log has its own height, square foot yield, and cost. Providing break points for a project is also important. A break point is a place where there is a physical break (e.g., a corner, floor-to-ceiling column, etc.) that provides an inconspicuous area for a possible change in wood grain or color. Since most projects require veneer taken from more than one log, if the veneer taken from a change in logs appears in the middle of a wall, the variation in grain and color pattern may be evident, creating a visual disturbance. If the physical break point is known prior to production, a log sequence can end on that break and avoid this problem.

How long will it take to receive a price quote?

It depends on a variety of factors. Sometimes wood logs must be sourced and brought into the manufacturing facility. It can take a while for the purchaser to obtain the accurate grade, square footage, length, and pricing from the supply chain. Exotic species, in particular, may require additional time.

For how long can a price quote be guaranteed?
Since the wood suppliers cannot guarantee the price of raw material, it is difficult to guarantee pricing beyond 30 days.