Common Materials Framework

The Common Materials Framework (CMF) is a resource managed by Mindful Materials intended to guide stakeholders across the design industry in adopting holistically sustainable products and transparent practices. The CMF is not a certification. It is a sustainability roadmap that provides the industry with common definitions for sustainability terms and standards that might otherwise vary from organization to organization. The framework consists of five “buckets,” or major vectors of sustainability, which taken together support a more holistic approach to sustainable building. These buckets are:

  • Human Health—the avoidance of hazardous substances.
  • Social Health and Equity—promoting human rights for workers in all parts of the supply chain.
  • Ecosystem Health—support and regeneration of natural resources and habitats at all phases of the supply chain and building process.
  • Climate Health—reducing and sequestering carbon emissions.
  • Circular Economy—aspiring to a zero-waste construction future by supporting design for resiliency, adaptability, and reuse.

Learn more about the Common Materials Framework at Mindful Materials.